Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dinner with Foster Family

Girls swimming..had to wear caps



Food from dinner...yikes

The two families together. The foster parents have one son who is married with one son. The grandson is peaking through his grandfathers jacket.

Two sets of parents

Girls dresses

This will be short because quite frankly, Tom and I are not feeling the greatest. We didn't feel well this morning so we took the day rather slow.

We allowed the girls to swim a bit this morning since it was the warmest day. I think it got up to 80, but I just can't take the time to figure out the switch from celsius!

We went to McDonald's for lunch. We then went to Walmart because I wanted to purchase a few things for a girl that lives at the Yangjiang Social Welfare Institute that will be adopted by an American couple. Please pray that the door will be open to meet her so I can give her this small gift from her family. In turn, I want to give the family a gift through pictures and information.

After our trip downtown, we went back to the People's Park. We promised Sarah that she could ride a few rides. I was a bit anxious about that, but we did it. We then went on ANOTHER boat ride. I was on park overload so I returned to the hotel for a nap while Tom fed the fish with the girls....AGAIN!!!!

This evening we had dinner with the foster family. I'm not sure how much I said yesterday, but this is a wonderful family. They have been so sweet to all of us and have loved on the girls equally. Dinner was their treat and we did our best to be grateful guests. We had rice, duck, crab, shrimp, goose, lamb, chicken, fish (in it's entire bodily form) and peanuts. The boys tried everything. Lily ate peanuts and Sarah ate peanuts and rice. Tom and I tried everything as well, and I think we are paying for it now.

We talked more about our life in the states. They had a hard time grasping what Tom does for a job and why people would pay him to do that job! Too funny.

At the end of the dinner she presented us with many gifts. The girls received two dresses, leggings and hair thingy's. The boys each got an outfit, too. I doubt anyone will see them wear them though. I got a beautiful jade bracelet, but I might have to grease my wrist to get it on and off! Lol! It is absolutely beautiful! We also got several boxes of unknown dried fruit and a huge bag of unknown fresh fruit. We are grateful, but will likely bless the hotel staff with the food. We finished the evening with pictures and a long good-bye.

We welcome prayers as we travel to Ghaungzhou late in the morning. First, Tom and I need to feel better. We are looking forward to getting to our final destination as a family!

TJ, missed you more tonight than ever! We did get to talk about you a lot with the foster family. Know that we love you tons! Looking forward to seeing you next week.


  1. What a true blessing for your family and their family also!
    Try getting the jade bracelet on by keeping your wrist raised up with dish soap on your hand while squeezing your fingers/hand all together! Trust me it works...I had first hand experience of that while in China trying on jade bracelets myself.

  2. I have loved your poast from the last two days about Sarah's foster family. What a wonderful experience for all of you.

    Enjoy the White Swan and the breakfast buffet!!


  3. Love being able to journey along with you. Hope you get to feeling better very soon!


  4. At some pools here, we have to wear caps, too. The long hair apparently clogs up the drains. That was so sweet of the family to give ya'll gifts. SO SWEET! Sorry you and Tom are feeling sick today. Boo-hoo!