Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Roots and Wings

We're wrapping up this part of the trip with the family. I'm still planning on visiting friends in Wuhan and then on to the orphanage in Vietnam, and then home in a week. So please pray for my family as they travel without me…

This has been one of those "once in a lifetime" experiences with my family. I really have to pinch myself every once in a while to make sure it's been true. My highlight has definitely been to see Sarah's and Lily's face respectively when we made a big deal about "their cities." Everyone wants to know who they are, and where they are from, and I'm glad that the girls will have this experience to remember in the future. I don't think they have much memory as little girls. And I'm not sure how much memory they will have of this trip on their own…but as we revisit pictures and remember the stories and talk about "Amu" and as they hug their stuffed animals tight (gifts from Amu), I believe they will have a heritage and roots so that later they can spread their wings.

As for spreading their wings, I see a renewed interest in the girls as they have asked me more and more how to say words in Chinese. They seemed to resist speaking any words in Chinese before the trip…now, their curiosity is stirred.

It was also really good for me to get to see the heart of some of the people here. For the most part, the people have been very friendly and have had encouraging things to say as I stumble through my Chinese with them. Many people have told us how kind we are to adopt the girls. I was touched by the way that Sarah's Foster Father gave a parting hug to me. I could tell he was genuinely touched with how well Sarah is doing, and also I could tell that he genuinely loved that little girl.

A side note…as we traveled through Sarah's hometown, I couldn't help but look at people riding bikes or walking the streets, at times making eye contact, and wonder if maybe, just maybe, God allowed me to look into the eyes of her birth mother. Eternity will tell.

It's been so fun to hear so many people say that the girls look like twins. I thought perhaps it was just because they are Chinese…but, even here, many people think they look very much alike. It's been fun to see them skipping down side walks together and through the hallways. I love being a dad.

Roots and wings. The roots go deep in China. People here have Dynasties of history compared to a few centuries in America. And now my family has a little bit of roots in China…we join the dynasties.

But the wings of my girls and China are spreading. My girls, along with many others adopted from China, have a bright future ahead because they have a "forever family." The wings of faith are also spreading in China, and we witnessed it often. All the indicators point to the fact that there is a real surge of Christianity in China. Yet of course, there is much more the Spirit will yet do in the years ahead. And many more children need homes in our world. The job is not done.

I have been refreshed during our time. It's always good to get a different perspective for a time. This trip confirms the importance of FCC's world outreach in my heart.

Attached are a couple pictures…I wish I were brave enough to dance in public. I never tire of seeing my girls have fun. Kathy and I are enjoying some "couch time." And Dane is practicing his "Chinese Yo-Yo."

Looking forward to our "Party" back at FCC…Sunday, April 25 @ 6:30 pm. We invite everyone to come!

See you soon...Tom

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