Tuesday, March 30, 2010

After AML.....

Black couch photo of Nanning
The girls in the lobby of the hotel
Girls feeding fish
Dane and girls feeding the fish
Tom and I in the boat with the girls

View of the park from the boat

Boys in the boat

(This is the second post today. The first post was about AML.)

After we got back to the hotel we decided to head downtown to eat lunch and go to Walmart. There are too many of us to fit into one taxi so we went in two. Ty and Lily went with me and Sarah and Dane went with Tom. We each had the same destination written on a card, "McDonald's by Walmart." We arrived first and waited outside for ten minutes. They didn't come. Ty and I decided that the best thing to do would be practical....eat lunch, shop at Walmart and meet up with the other three at the hotel when we were done. That is what we did. When we returned to the hotel, the three of them were waiting on the front steps all worried. They decided to visit all of the McDonald's in town and return to the hotel without eating because they thought that would be the nicest, more concerned thing a person would do. Sorry, not practical! I figured we were at the right McDonald's because it was right next to Walmart. I figured they would find us or do what we did...eat, shop, return.

When they got back from their lunch, we headed over to the People's Park. We have a lot of photos of Sarah at this park with her foster family. It was also a place we enjoyed visiting several times when we travelled her to get Sarah in 2006. In many ways, it is a beautiful park. There is a small zoo, a small amusement park and a lake. We first stopped and fed the fish. The boys saw that they rented out boats to ride on the lake. I wasn't too thrilled about it, but i went along with it. The boats just didn't look that safe. We aren't certain if the boats ran on gasoline or electric. We simply turned a know and off we went. The boys had their own boat. After the boat ride we walked for a while in the park. The rides were closed for the day....whew, I wasn't so sure allowing them to ride them would be a good idea. Tom thinks otherwise and promised the girls we would go tomorrow or the next day. Yikes!

Tomorrow we are free most of the day. At 3 p.m. we will leave to visit the home of Sarah's foster family. I'm excited about seeing the home. We did not get to see it on our last trip. Sarah's foster family no longer fosters. They care for their grandson who was born not long after we adopted Sarah. Sarah was her sixth and final foster child. It is very common in China for the grandparents to care for their grandchild while the parents work. After a visit with them, we are taking them out to dinner.

Ty and Dane might not like me sharing this, but they are swimming right now. They only swim in the dark! Lol. The hotel has a policy that if you swim, you have to wear swim caps and speedo-like trunks. I promised that I would not take their pictures, but it is oh so tempting!

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