Monday, March 22, 2010


Hi everyone,
Ok, this is Tom...Kathy's a bum and asleep in bed. We're in Xian...this was the original capital of China during the Qin Dynasty way back in 200 BC...the "Big Wild Good Pagoda" that is pictured was built around 650 AD.

Our guide was very informative about different beliefs in China. Confucianism was the wisdom of the intellects…not really a religion as much as just a collection of wisdom and how to live for the ruling class. Buddhism was for many years the religion of the common man until the Cultural Revolution begun by Mao in 1949. We have also heard many stories of the influence of Christianity on emperors and parts of China through its history. Buddhism came to China, according to our guide, from India. I'm not entirely enlightened on it all (yes, pun intended). Pictured is one of the Buddha's (a rare female Buddha) with many hands, indicating the thought that she is busy all the time.

Today was really not a busy day…we enjoyed walking around the park and just taking in life. We included a picture of the girls running down a path together. We have enjoyed watching them just be "sisters." Kathy and I were discussing how after walking around the city, people would enjoy going to the parks to escape the cluttered city life. 1.3 Billion people is a lot of folks in about the same space as we put .3 Billion people…quite a difference. I understand there are 147 cities over 3 Million in China compared to 9 in the states.

Saw on the news that health care reform passed in the states. See what happens when I take my eyes off of you for just a short period of time? At least I can say, "Not on my watch!"

Today we'll go see the Terra Cotta Warriors…praying for all of you in the states, and I'm reminded of how grateful I am for my "Beautiful Country" as the Chinese call us.
(This is Kathy) Ok, so I have dragged myself out of bed! For some reason I was totally worn out last nght. I fell asleep at 8:30 a.m. and slept straight through until 4:30, but stayed in bed listtening to my ipod....great praise time! Yeah, well, Tom sure got a lot more out of yesterday than I did! Anyone that knows me that if you put me in a museum, I prefer to walk at my pace from the entrance to the exit. Sure, I look at things, but I speed read and speed walk! Lol. The temple was interesting, but I found myself more interested in watching my girls interact with each other. Dane is not the interest in Xi'an as he was in Beijing. The difference here is that groups of peoploe will stop and stare and lean into each other as they look at us and talk. Wish I knew what they were saying. I am assuming it has something to do with a white family with two Asian girls who are dressed alike. We must have had four groups at different points do this. I don't know why, but it was starting to bother me. I found myself feeling a bit heavy last night and couldn't put my finger on it. Quite honestly, I think it had something to do with visiting the temple. I have turned that burden into praise as I am grateful to serve the one true God! There is hope beyond what any other faith can offer! There is life more abundant and free in a life committed to Christ! So glad that I don't need a gold statue of a woman with many hands or a statue of gold of Buddha.

I've added a photo of Tom and I titled, "The Steel Couch Photo of Xi'an." I don't expect any of you to get that, but that's okay. It's just something I humoring myself with on this trip. Many of the adoptive families know the importance of the "red couch photo" of the White Swan. This is a spin off of I am going to post six couch photos of Tom and I in six cities....stupid, but humoring me. Not much else to say, but I am wondering who is left on American Idol.....Lol! By the way, not sure if anyone knows, but we can not access blogger from China so we are not seeing the blog. I hope you are enjoying it and I look forward to seeing it in its entirety when we return. A "shout out" to Tina from TSOY for being such a blessing to us in setting up the blog! Last thing, Tara me through the email link on the blog. I don't have your email address here and want to email you. Good to be on this side of the world with you, Tara! One day we'll actually meet in person!

TJ, missing you more than you know! Love you!


  1. Your welcome Kathy! Enjoying every minute of your tour! Those girls are too cute!! Hope you continue to have a wonderful time!


  2. About to e-mail you. Love that pic. of the girls running. That pic. of you and Tom on the couch speaks volumes (more to be shared in e-mail). :-)

  3. BTW, American Idol airs 1 day later in Asia than in the States. It airs on Wed. & Thurs. at 6:00 & 8:00 PM (with a billion replays all night/week long) on a Channel called "Star World." But, since it's a day late, you can read about what happens on Yahoo earlier in the day. :-)