Saturday, March 20, 2010

Summer Palace & Zoo

Today was Saturday in Beijing. We started out our day at The Summer Palace. Things looked a bit different around the city on the way there. We realized that a dust/sand storm had made its way through the city during the night and there was this haze everywhere. Plus, the cars were coated with a layer of sand/dust. It was extremely windy so we moved through the palace grounds rather quickly. I remember this part of our trip in 2004. The thing I remember most is thinking how miserable our travel friend Dale looked as he carried his then 5 year old daughter around The Summer Palace as she was really tired. I remember thinking to myself, "Take note…children are extremely tired the first few days of the trip. Think twice about bringing little ones to China." We were fortunate that the girls were wired and didn't need to be carried at any point today! The boys made a purchase at the palace. They each had their name written on a grain of rice and then placed in some glass casing.

After the palace we headed over to the Beijing Zoo. Everyone was excited to see the Panda Bears. The rest of the zoo wasn't that interesting since most of the animals were not outside due to the weather. We did go to the aquarium… was a great aquarium and though I wouldn't recommend the zoo, I would recommend the aquarium. At the end of the aquarium visit, we got to see a dolphin show. It was done well, although it might have been more enjoyable if we knew what the MC was saying. I was really intrigued that one segment of tricks was done to the song, "Amazing Grace." Seriously, the entire song….lyrics and everything!

I am sure most of you are wondering about "Rockstar Dane" and wanting an update. His popularity has fallen slightly as he was only approached twice by strangers to have their photo taken with him. Towards the end of our trip we will have an entire posting of pictures of Dane and his Asian fan club!

After the zoo we headed back to the hotel where Sarah had a major meltdown because the cleaning staff folded Lily's blanket neatly on the bed but didn't do that with hers…..yes, a nap was needed! After the nap we met L and J in the lobby to head out for dinner. L was six years old when Tom and I got married….her mother sang, "We Are an Offering" at our wedding back in 1987. It is pretty wild to see her all grown up and married…and now about to have a baby! We went to a Tex Mex place not far from here. After dinner we came back to the room where Tom and J worked on a song that they are singing at church together in the morning. Yes, Libby, I will do a video recording of it to share when we get home!

I'm not sure what we are doing after church tomorrow. We have to move into one room for the rest of the day. We will be picked up at 7:30 by our driver and guide to be taken to the train station where we catch an overnight sleeper train to Xi'An.

(Pictures: A couple from The Summer Palace, a panda, four kids on turtles, girls on an elephant and Tom and J working on the song.)


  1. Hi Kathy, glad to know that you are in China now. I just went through all the articles and photos on your blog. The girls seem they had a lot of fun. I hope I could be with you in China. Please enjoy your stay in China! Miss you. xx

  2. I am so thankful you all are having such amazing days!!! Thank you, thank you, and, another thank you for blogging!!! I just know that you all will treasure these memories. AND....I am enjoying living these days through you all:) Love the panda photo...journey on!! Can not wait to see where we're going next....are we almost there yet?????? :)

  3. You guys are quite the tourists. Staying busy! It cracks me up that ya'll ate Tex Mex in China. Glad the trip is going so well!

  4. We are having fun reading your post and looking at the pictures! Remembering in 2004 at the Summer Palace when Genie showed some of us ladies the squatting position. This is great! Sam