Saturday, March 27, 2010

Li River

The Li River boat ride was one of the things I was looking forwrd to on this trip! I got a little concerned when our guide told us there would be a slight change because of the drought in Guilin. The river was pretty low so we couldn't take the boat clear down to Yangshou. We took it about 1/3 of the way and turned around and came back. Had I known this in advance, I would have cancelled the hotel in Yangshou and stayed in Guilin, but we had to stick with the itinerary.

There were many boats on the river, but that didn't take away from the beauty. Aren't the mountains amazing?! The sun came out a bit more towards the end of the trip which made it even more beautiful. With the boat ride came lunch. Now, I could see the kitchens and the activity in them in other boats and I wasn't sso sure it was a good idea to eat the lunch. I was hungry so we went for far so good! They boys shared a table with a guy from Cincinatti. Ty enjoyed talking Ohio sports with him. The guy from Ohio and his guide enjoyed getting to drink the free bottle of beer that came with the boys' lunch. For some reason most meals come with free beer, but you have to pay for pop.

Today was a great last day in Guilin! Even thought the river was low and the ride cut short, we were disappointed. Great day!

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