Monday, March 15, 2010

'Twas the night before leaving.......

We had a great night out as a family. The seven of us had dinner together at Texas Roadhouse. It was a great time with TJ as we knew we would be leaving him for 21 days. Plus, it was a great "last supper" with ole faithful American food! We had a nice time of prayer together and I was really proud of TJ as he prayed words of protection over his little sisters. Pray for TJ while we are away.

The bags are packed and I am a bit disappointed in myself. I really thought I could get by with only one (yes, one) checked luggage. I made it, but we were over the weight limit so I had to divide it into two pieces of luggage! We are also taking three pieces of luggage full of fun stuff for friends in Beijing......can't wait to give them all of the things for the new baby that will arrive this summer!

I did wake up this morning with an ear ache so I went to see the doctor. Yep, major ear infection. That should make for an interesting time in the sky.

The girls are extremely excited! I told them that the Easter Bunny does not go to China. I know....bad mommy! I did reassure them that the tooth fairy does go to China and I am thinking he/she could be making a drop off for Lily while we are there...we'll see! Now, before anyone gets all bent out of shape about this Easter Bunny thing, please know that good friends from church have made arrangements with the bunny and will have something for the girls when we return...whew! The great news is that we WILL celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ while in China! What an exciting Easter!

I hope to post a picture of us from either the Columbus airport or Chicago. It will be a long 15 hours from Chicago to's hoping it goes well!

"Father God. Thank you for this opportunity to experience this trip with Ty, Dane, Lily and Sarah. We ask your protection over all of us while we travel. We also pray for TJ while we are gone and hope that you keep your mighty hand on him and always let him know that we miss him and love him deeply. We anticipate great things through this trip. Father, please be with our church family while we are gone. Thank you that we can be part of a church family that loves us, but more importantly....loves You! Bless them for supporting us in this journey. Father, we also pray that you will use us in China to be a blessing to all those we come in contact with during our trip. May they see You in us. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen."



  1. You packed ONE BAG for your entire family? I can't even imagine that would be possible. Seriously? Stink-a-roo about the ear infection...but PRAISE GOD you caught it before you left. THAT is a blessing.

  2. Amen!!!!