Friday, March 26, 2010

Elephant Trunk Hill, Seven Stars Park and Reed Flute Cave

We started our day at the Elephant Trunk Hill. Some of my adoptive family friends may be familiar with "Big Bird in China." If you are, you know the rock formation that I am speaking. I've attached a photo of the rock. This rock is located on the Li River in Guilin.

After the Elephant Trunk Hill, we headed over to the Seven Stars Park. China takes great pride in her parks and they are often busy with people walking and doing excercises. We saw a panda again...and a red panda and a few monkeys. We even saw a monkey running lose in the park. It reminded me of my trip to Cambodia with Toby! There was a beutiful waterfall....attached a photo. There is also a rock formation that looks like a camel.

After the park we found our way to KFC.....AGAIN!!!!! Tom was to bring us all french fries with our chicken but came to the table without any saying, "they don't have french fries." The girls were disappointed. We were all surprised to see others eating french fries. Tom talked with an American couple who informed him that they are not "french fries here, they are chips." So, we ordered some chips!

After lunch we headed out to Reed Flute Cave. It was a nice enough cave, but when you've been to Mammoth Caves in Kentucky, nothing compares. We are done early today and will venture out for Chinese food for dinner. We are sick of the Chinese KFC's!

The kids are all doing well. Tomorrow we will be going down the Li River to Yangshou. We will spend the night there. I'm not sure if we'll have access to internet there. We head back to Guilin on Sunday morning to catch a bus to Nanning...the city where Sarah lived most of her first 22 months.


  1. Kathy!!!!!! I hope you are really enjoying your time in China. I saw TJ again at BW3s. He was there with his class, my sister has a class with him I guess cause she was there too! The office just isn't the same without you! I can't wait til you get back! We are as busy as ever and I have great news for you when you get back =) MISS YOU!!!! tell your family that I said hello and I hope everyone is well. P.S. i know how hives can be I've had them my whole life.. benadryl was my saving grace, but I imagine it was quite a scare! Enjoy the rest of your trip!!!

  2. That is so funny about the chips vs. fries. Glad you got them in the end!

  3. Ask Lily and Sarah if they found the Phoenix yet or if they got to see the Monkey King?! Expecting to see Big Bird in your pics! This is an exciting trip!! I'm looking forward to the post on Potty Options.

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